Popular Luminette Nightlights for Children

Wonderful to give as gifts, here is my hand-picked list of the favorite Luminette designs for children of all ages.

Bella Luz Studio's Luminette nightlights add a soft warm glow to any room. I think of them as tiny fantasy theaters, each one capturing a moment in dreamtime.  The imagery are reproductions of my colored pencil and pastel drawings onto a durable and lightfast film.  Each unique copper frame is textured, treated with patina and made of 90-95% recycled material.  Luminettes come with a high quality almond white nightlight fixture and a 4-watt incandescent bulb, ready to plug in and enjoy. The hammered copper swirl shown hanging off the Luminette frames covers the switch and readily swings out of the way to use it.  Each light comes in a lovely gift box which is made of recycled fibers.  Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 2 inches.  Purchase options are rotating nightlight fixtures that can accommodate outlets in any orientation, 1/2 watt warm white filament LED bulbs and gift cards.  They can be found at the end of the Luminettes gallery.