Fine Art Light Boxes and Stained Glass

I fill my glass panels with a sense of movement, rich coloring and bold, detailed imagery of a narrative quality. The drama of the natural world often informs my designs. A reductive glass painting technique gives depth and mystery with a graininess reminiscent of mezzotints and old photographs. I incorporate glass fusing for complexity of color and texture.

My internally-illuminated glass pieces are set into various frameworks such as repurposed suitcases, wooden cigar and liquor cases, often painted or embellished with copper and beads. The painted and fired glass imagery is lit-up with energy-efficient compact flourescent bulbs. They range from small, intimate glowing sculpture for the table or shelf to large glowing murals set into walls. I also design and fabricate naturally-lit stained glass windows.

The pieces with red titles marked with a star* are available for purchase. Please contact me for more information and a shipping estimate.

Photo credit for most of the suitcase/small box pieces: Mark Frey

Cherry Tree
  16" x 41"

Cherry Tree - detail

Cherry Tree detail 2

Cherry Tree detail

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