Commitment to Sustainability

I have a passion for sourcing sustainable materials for use in the Bella Luz Studio line of enchanting lights. You can feel good knowing that enjoying their beauty does not compromise the health of our planet. 

The lustrous copper frames (95-99% recycled copper content,) the lovely gift and shipping boxes (recycled content/recyclable), the re-used packing materials and even the paper on which your packing slips are printed, all are chosen for their sustainability.  I just switched from plastic packing tape to paper to make the shipping boxes easier to recycle.  Weather permitting, I deliver your packages to the post office via bicycle or foot. 

I always have my feelers out to further improve my products so as to tread ever lighter on the Earth.

The alley door of my studio where my neighbors are invited to deposit their unwanted clean packing materials in the green "peanut depository" can for reuse in shipping my lights to you.  
Photo bomb: Mazinkela the hen.