• Are returns or exchanges allowed?  My aim is for you to be happy with your purchase.  I guarantee my work and am happy to replace it in these three circumstances. 1) You received an item that you did not order.  2) The item has been damaged in shipping.  3) The item does not work.  If these are your circumstances please contact me within two days of receiving your order to discuss its exchange.  If these are not your circumstances but you are still not satisfied contact me within 2 days of receiving your purchase and we will discuss shipping your work back for a refund minus shipping costs.  
  • Why does the Luminette I received look a little different than what I ordered?  Each Luminette frame is unique.  The copper is hand-textured and treated with patina, a mysterious and unpredictable process, causing each frame to have a unique color and texture pattern.
  • Can you repair my Luminette?  I may be able to repair a Luminette you already own, normally for a small fee.  For instance, to replace the plastic clip that connects the nightlight fixture to the copper frame costs $15 including shipping.  Contact me to discuss. 
  • My Luminette has stopped working.  What can I do?  Most of the time when people say their Luminette has stopped turning on and the problem isn't the bulb there is actually a quick fix.  Please try this before contacting me for a nightlight base replacement:  1) Unplug the Luminette.  2) Unscrew the bulb.  3) Down inside the bulb socket there is a small rectangular brass flap -- gently pry if up just a tiny bit with a skinny tool like a tweezers or toothpick.  4) Screw bulb in and try it out.  If this does not work you can find replacement nightlight fixtures at the end of the Luminette nightlights gallery.
  • What kind of bulb should I get for my Luminette when I need one?  Use a 4 or 7 watt incandescent nightlight bulb which can be found in many hardware or variety stores. At the end of the Luminette nightlights gallery you can find low-wattage LED nightlight bulbs.  
  • Do you take custom design orders?  If you would like a design that I can use in my line of Luminettes there would be no additional charges beyond what I normally charge.  If you desire an exclusive design made especially for you I charge $395 to make the drawing (which you would keep) and require a minimum order of 35 Luminettes.  With an order of 100 custom-designed Luminettes there would be no charge for the drawing.
  • Is the original artwork used to make the Luminette nightlights for sale?  Yes, most of the pastel and colored pencil drawings I created for  the Luminette designs are for sale.  Please contact me with your interest.
  • What about quantity discounts?  If you are interested in ordering more than 20 Luminettes, please contact me and we can discuss.
  • Shipping:  Orders are shipped by US Postal Service or UPS in the USA and to Canada. For domestic shipments, orders below $20 have a shipping charge of $7 and are sent via USPS  First Class.  Orders of $20 and up ship free, either First Class (3 to 5 days) or Priority (3 days) depending on size and weight.  I am fast and ship out within one or two days of receiving your order.  

Please contact me before ordering if you would like your order shipped anywhere else in the world and I will calculate the shipping cost for you.