My Artistic Inspiration

Many years ago as awareness of myself as an artist began to bud, I had a dream, a dream that changed my life.

The dream:
I lived in a society which existed inside a huge stone castle surrounded by grounds and a fence.  One day the earth shook violently and the giant stones of the castle began to break apart and fall to the ground, threatening to crush everyone.  People were panicked, screaming, running in circles not knowing what to do.In the mayhem I spotted an opened gate in the surrounding fence that no one else seemed to notice.  A glimpse of what lay beyond the gate filled me with trepidation ... a barren desert of enormous sand dunes and nothing in the landscape upon which to base one's bearings.  

Unsure of what to do I approached the solitary gatekeeper and asked their advice.  As they spoke their face morphed in rapid succession to everyone in my life who I loved and respected.  They lovingly urged me to go, to take a chance on the vast unknown.  


 So I did -- I walked out into the desert, away from all I knew. I soon banded together with three others who were also wandering in the wilderness.  

As we reached the crest of the tallest and steepest dune I was stopped dead in my tracks by an enormous free-standing stained glass cathedral window that reached to the heavens.  




Sunlight streamed through the colored glass straight to my soul like a tractor beam, filling me with awe and sweet surrender.  

Then I woke up. 






The next day I left college and knew what my life's work would be.  
I had that dream over 40 years ago but it stays with me as if I dreamt it last night.