Clouds Overhead mirror

Clouds Overhead mirror

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In the border surrounding a fancifully-scratched mirror, earthly images of fantastic flora, a bebaubbled bird and clouds overhead.  Constructed in traditional stained glass fashion, the details are painted and fired glass enamels.  The central square of mirror has had some of its silvering in the back scratched away in fanciful shapes which are noticeable by the light shining through them. A hammered and curved copper shelf defines the bottom edge of the piece.  Clouds Overhead was made in collaboration with furniture designer Jeff Wasserman who designed and constructed the cabinetry.  

Plugs in.  Comes with 8 foot cord with line switch.

The interior of the piece is not functional as a cabinet.  The front door opens only  to access the bulbs, which are energy-efficient.

Dimensions: 17" wide x 22" tall x 5" deep

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