Colorful gift wrap and small card with handwritten message

Colorful gift wrap and small card with handwritten message

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Shirley Brogan
Gift Wrap & Message

This is the first time I opted for my two luminettes to be gift wrapped individually with handwritten messages. I liked the burst of colors and the different ribbons that were used. Although the gifts were wrapped well enough, the curling ribbons appeared squashed which I easily recurled to look like new. While I appreciated the handwritten message, I would like to be able to handwrite my own message. Could I request a blank card the next time? Thank you.

Shirley -- yes, you can simply leave the 'write your message here' field blank and I'll know not to write something in the card. Sorry about the crushed ribbon -- I'll try not to pack the shipping boxes so tightly. Cheers -- Joline


These nightlights are absolutely beautiful.

Deborah Steinau
Well worth it!

It was lovely and gave an extra element of specialness to the gift.

Beth Barnhill
Beautiful product, lovely gift wrapping!

I ordered gifts, one for each of my sisters, and had them wrapped and sent to two individual addresses. Not only did they arrive within a week, but each sister was thrilled with the beautiful wrapping and the exceptional craftsmanship of their gifts. Thank you, Bella Luz, for an excellent gift-giving experience. You made me look good!

Mary Drozda
Unique Gifting

I purchased two of the nightlights as gifts for two creative and imaginative people. The perfect gift fo each!

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