"The Fable of the Sun and the Wind" political art video

art for change political art political fables

Artists can have an impact on people's perceptions of politics by presenting ideas visually.  I was called to do just that in a recent collaboration with several family members.   

"The Fable of the Sun and the Wind" video is based on the Aesop fable in which the sun and the wind have a competition to prove their power by demonstrating who can cause a man to remove his coat.  Is it by by sheer violent force of the wind, or by the gentle persuasion of the sun?

I was asked to produce the artwork for this short video.  Given the helplessness I've been feeling in the current political environment of our country I jumped at the chance.  It proved fruitful in more ways than one...  a meaningful family collaboration resulted n a lovely video and my skills were pushed in an exciting new direction.  It also produced two new images for my line of Luminette nightlights.  I look forward to more.


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